Did I Really Say That?


Ok so there are now two things that aren’t so bad about having Parkinson’s.

OMG, I never thought I would hear myself say that in my lifetime!  Maybe I am not me anymore!  Maybe The Beast has taken over, Ha Ha, never!  I just was in Vegas and got very little sleep. It’s a beast of a different color.

But back to what I started to say…. The first thing that’s not so bad is that I can eat anything I want and not gain weight. Ok now don’t get mad at me.  I should at least get one perk out of this whole shebang. I say it’s not so bad, but it’s not so great either. I look like skin and bones. I am hungry all the time, and I could use to gain 5 to 10 pounds. I eat so much junk food, on top of good food to get the high calorie count that my arteries must have pepperoni pizza and chocolate milkshakes running through them.

The second perk…I can’t believe I said that word again in any way having to do with Parkinson’s. Where was I?  Sorry, temporary state of shock.  Oh yeah, I am traveling home solo since my husband had to fly across the country for work. Gotta make the “Moola! ” ( blatant promo for a movie Don directed. You can see it on Amazon. Another blatant promo!)

I still believe I am Superwoman, thinking I can still do just about everything. I should have gotten the cue when the Superwoman costume was too big last time I tried to put it on and it just hung on me like a kid playing dress up. But I digress. So since I am flying solo, I have a boarding pass with a pre board pass for disability, and my chariot is a wheel chair.

Now picture this, I get to the waiting area, Me and my super duper wheel chair are third in a line of wheel chairs parked at the gate. Not quite as fancy as the Batmobile, or a nice red cape that lets you fly…notice the superhero theme?  The attendant comes out of the gangway and takes the First Lady in a wheel chair. (My auto correct keeps capitalizing First Lady and I am not talking about Michelle Obama, see it did it again!) then he comes back for the second lady.  All of a sudden another woman cuts in front of me and parks her husband in his wheelchair right there. I let it slide because that’s the way I roll. (Haha… I am tired and cracking myself up. Bad puns and all!). So of course the attendant comes out and takes him down first. I don’t care. I’m next anyway, and there are lots of seats on the plane. If she needs to go first – fine. Although manners wise she should of said something to the attendant, like ” She was here first.” But I think people have become ruder these days. Where is Miss Manners when you need her? I’m beginning to sound like an old fart. What is happening to me.

So when the attendant comes back to get me, someone walks up behind my wheelchair and says… ” I’ll get this one.”  He takes me down the gangway to the plane and then says to me  “You’re getting the Captain service today!”

I try to turn around and see who is pushing my wheelchair, but my neck is so stiff lately that I can’t turn far enough to see who it is. But when we get to the end of the gangway and reach the door of the airplane I hear the attendants saying “Hello Captain.” He walks out from behind my chariot and heads to the cockpit. He says “Have  a nice day.” And I follow up with a lame “You too.”  Furiously trying to think of something funny to say. But he is gone in a nano second.

So shaky ole me is rolled down to the plane by the captain. “Na Na!” to the people who cut in front of me. Just couldn’t wait. There is an old saying…Good things come to those who wait.

Nice guy, ” Thanks Captain.” What great service on this airline!



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  1. All the pictures I take with my cell ohone are blurry from my shakey hands, so I still wouldn’t be able to see who it was! Lol


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