Like a Landslide


I want to tell you how my life with Parkinson’s is like a land slide. It first starts with a few pebbles, some dirt and gravel. The weak part of the mountain. That falls away first. That’s how the Parkinson’s begins. Then a larger mass of earth slides. But I look at it this way: now there is more earth at the base to make it stronger. I can sift through all the debris, and keep only what’s important…or brings me happiness and love. Simplify. And maybe it uncovers some hidden gem of life that was buried, that     I had forgotten about in this crazy world we live in today.

If the mud and dirt cover the street or path you are on, then walk around it, climb over it, or just dig right through it. If the whole thing slides, then I will just make my place on a nice little spot at the edge of the landslide, and I won’t have to climb that crazy ass mountain every day!

I may not be able to stop the landslide, but I won’t let the landslide stop me.

One thought on “Like a Landslide

  1. That bravery can work for all that havè a handycap. Proud of you Morgan for pointing yhe direction. GOD BLESS YOU!


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