Let’s Make Up!


It’s a quiet morning in Los Angeles and I am leisurely getting ready for my day ahead.

Showered, dressed, and dried my hair. It’s time for makeup.
First foundation then blush, now it’s time for my eyes. I apply eyeshadow, next comes eyeliner…

Eeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk! I scream as I look I the mirror. (It wasn’t actually Eeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk ! But I am trying to be PG here.)

My gosh what happened!  Was there an earthquake ?
I call Caltech!  No.  No significant earth movement in the last few minutes.
We don’t live near the metro link station, there are no building or jack hammers going on nearby.
So if there wasn’t an earthquake why does my eye liner look like a seismograph?


I have always been a California girl, born and raised. And we all know California is known for its tremors. I have come to discover that I have my own tremors. And when I put on make up I would say it it’s about a 5.9.

Who thought drawing a simple black line would be so challenging?