If a Jackhammer Falls in the Woods, Does Anybody Hear It


I am lying here in bed like a bowl of jello. I like jello, I just don’t want to be it!

Also, my teeth are uncontrollably clacking. I keep asking my husband if he can hear my teeth when they are doing this. He says no, but I can’t imagine that he can’t. He must just be being nice and pretending not to hear it. Or he is losing his hearing, which is probably unconscious self preservation from all my clacking . It’s like a jackhammer in my head. And only in Morgan’s world reality of it all – there is actually a jack hammer being used at the neighbors house right now! I swear I am not kidding! Double whammy!

So I am sitting here trying to figure out what clacking teeth could be good for?
Hmmmmm…. Nothing seems to be coming to mind.

Is that because there IS nothing that it could be good for? Or is my brain so fried from the noise in my head that I can’t think of anything.

Let’s see. Hey, I’ve got it…

Being the new voice for Woody the Woodpecker. That’s a good one.

Maybe…for dubbing in the sounds of a flamenco dancer with no rhythm, in an old B movie. Another good one.

Ahhh let’s see….there has got to be more…

Gee. I am having a hard time coming up with something else.

Oh wait. I’ve got it!

Sound boarding for terrorists ? There you go… They would give up sensitive info in a nano second and runaway yelling “Make it stop! ” Make it stop!”

Maybe I should call the FBI and offer my services.

One thought on “If a Jackhammer Falls in the Woods, Does Anybody Hear It

  1. I know the feeling, we can hire ourselves out for sound effects for the old Pacman video game.


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