Cruising with Parkinson’s


So I tried to leave it behind. Didn’t buy it a ticket, not a hotel room and definitely not a cabin.
But damned if that disease didn’t barge its way into my vacation.

It’s a squirrelly disease, that Parkinson’s is. Terrible manners. Invites itself along to places it is clearly not wanted.

Before leaving my hotel and heading for the ship, I devised a plan. I will go to the ladies room, slip out the back door, flag down a taxi, and pay the driver extra to step on it.  When I get to the gangway and board the ship, I will be home free.  My Parkinson’s doesn’t have a passport, no excursion card, California ID, nothing whatsoever.  I figure the port police will be called, lots of questions asked. They will throw the cuffs on it and cart it away.

If they give it one phone call, and it calls me…I am not answering!

Lock it up and throw away the key. Hasta la bye bye baby!

So I am relaxing, soaking up the sun on a deck chair (please don’t tell my dermatologist!) when I notice I am not alone. Well technically I wasn’t alone because I was with my my husband, but let’s not get picky here. But there it was. That telltale feeling. I am channeling Edgar Alan Poe now.

It must have stowed away somehow. I guess it doesn’t show up on those security screenings.  Doesn’t set off that little Geiger counter thing they wield at Security.  No Parkinson’s sniffing dogs on the dock.

It follows me to the Dining Room, the Cabaret Theatre, the Spa, and even Bingo! I thought for sure Bingo would scare it off!

Well I am not gonna let it rain on my parade. Was going to zip line (bucket list) but that was cancelled. Due to weather, not Parkinson’s, I am happy to say.

Went to a turtle sanctuary. We were lucky that day, a nest of eggs had hatched earlier that morning and our group got to release them. I just watched and took shaky video as Don released one along with the group. I didn’t want to take a chance of dropping the little wiggly creature. It has a tough road ahead just surviving its dash into the waves without me dropping it and having to start out life with a bump on its noggin.

It has been a great trip. The people on the ship were super friendly.

I am going to miss the buffet, the 24 hour room service and 2 restaurants and a dining room.
I don’t cook as much as I used to and I am always hungry.

Now we are about to disembark and I am racking my brain as to how I can leave a little “stowaway that starts with a P” behind. Anybody got a pair of cement shoes? Shark bait anyone? I’m in the market for a used anchor…


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  1. Enjoyed meeting both you and Don. Your wonderful spirit and sense of humour is truly an inspiration! I hope we will meet again.


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