Bye Bye Bessie

Today I said goodbye to a very good friend. She always looked good. She took me places without a single argument. And waited patiently for me. No matter what the weather, she was ready. And she was smooth. Boy was she smooth.

But it was time to say good bye. Set her free. She had been sitting around too long with nothing to do. And that’s not fair to someone who is always on the go. Hopefully she will find someone to love her like I did and give her a little TLC.

In case you are wondering, Bessie was my 1999 Cadillac Eldorado. I loved that car. But I have decided to let her find a new home.

I don’t drive much anymore courtesy of my Parkinson’s.

I called the Make a Wish foundation and told them Bessie needs a new home. They came the next day and picked her up. She is going to help a child.

I’m ok though. If it helps grant a wish, I am down with that.



One thought on “Bye Bye Bessie

  1. She is a beauty for sure! Your selfless act renewed Bessie’s quest for adventure, gave someone else the independence to be her travel companion, and blessed some child with the dream of his or her life! All in all…….PRETTY TREMENDOUS!
    God Bless You.

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