A Note From The Author

I have started this blog called “mylifewithparkinsons.com”

I have had Parkinson’s for  15 years now.  I came home one day, sat down and wrote an essay on my experiences that day.  I posted it on Facebook for my friends to see.  I got an overwhelming response and encouragement to start a blog.  I have never done this before. But they say write what you know.  Well I am very well acquainted with Parkinson’s. So I decided to share my experiences with this dastardly disease.  But I am doing it in the only way I know how, with humor.  So if the humor element seems inappropriate, then I guess this blog is not for you.  On the other hand, with an open mind you might find something you can relate to.  And for those of you who are not intimately familiar with Parkinson’s, I am offering a window into the world of those of us who live each day with this disease.

7 thoughts on “A Note From The Author

  1. Hi Morgan!
    I champion your strength and humility in sharing your firsthand experiences with PD. Praying your words will offer hope, help, and humor to others (individuals and families) dealing with this monster. I am the Occupational Therapist who met you in September at Don’s show in Plano, Texas and again 2 days later at the Parkinson’s Voice Project “Sing Out” in Richardson, Texas. I will let my patients and therapists I work with know about your blog, and if you’re ever in the North Texas area again we may to chat with you about speaking with our Parkinson’s support group. Congrats on this new venture!
    Many Blessings, Lisa Dunlop, MOT, OTR

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  2. Hi Morgan. I just discovered you blog full of beautifully written passages chronicling living with Parkinson’s Disease on a daily basis. Keep up the great fight and inspiration.


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