There’s Always Room for Jello

So here I sit in the doctor’s office waiting for my appointment. Now everybody knows how time just flies when you are sitting in the waiting room at the doctors office. This particular office has a TV on the wall that plays a library of films for the amusement of the patients while they are waiting. Very thoughtful of them. Usually it is a comedy. I am very happy to sit there and watch a snippet of a good comedy.

I don’t know about you but I think a doctor’s office should be a rather calm place. I do appreciate the TV due to the boredom factor. But give me “Best in Show”, or “Groundhog Day”, or… on second thought, I guess this is a doctor’s office, and there maybe “young un’s” about, so we will have to eliminate a few of the movies I would mention. Heck, I will watch old episodes of “Little House on the Prairie”! But today it’s “Jurassic Park”. I don’t know about you, but I don’t find “Jurassic Park” to be high on my list of mellow movies.

Of course my chair is right across from the TV. And “Jurassic Park” being the blockbuster that it was, my eyes are glued. I try to close my eyes or look away, but the music is enough to give you the ‘willies’. So as I am getting sucked deeper and deeper into the movie, it comes to the scene where the daughter and son are eating, and the girl holds up a big spoonful of green Jello. It gave me an idea. I figured maybe I would write a note to Spielberg and say…Hey, I don’t need a whole herd of dinosaurs to make a spoonful of Jello wiggle. I can do that all by myself with my eyes closed and one hand tied behind my back. Who knows…maybe he’ll use me in “Jurassic Park 5”.